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 Generic drug

A generic drug is a drug that contains the same amount of active ingredient and has the same bioavailability as another brand name with an expired patent.

 Innovative Formulation

Improvements of a generic drug developing a new formulation able to improve bioavailability, stability, solubility (i.e liposomial, cyclodextrin based formulations).

  New Chemical Entity

As a small and agile company, you need a resourceful, flexible collaborator who will provide innovative solutions, proactively identify potential issues and reveal opportunities for your development program. Accelera will closely partner with your team to deliver the expertise you require and help ensure the success of your program.

 New drug delivery systems

Improvement of a generic drug developing a new system to administer the drug (i.e dual chamber bag for injectable, HyNap nanoparticles, infusional pumps).

  Clinical phase products

A new chemical entity under clinical phase program

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Pharmaceutical Product

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