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Drug Product Manufacturing Plan

NerPharMa DP dealing with the development and manufacturing of finished dosage forms: injectables (solutions, suspensions and lyophilized products) and solid oral (tablets and capsules) for various therapeutic areas, not just oncological.

Able to handle cytotoxic and cytostatic compounds and execute activities of formulation, packaging and clinical supply.

 Manufacturing Capabilities

NerPharMa can manufacture, in its high containment facilities, the following pharmaceutical forms both for commercial and clinical trial purposes:

Oral solid dose and semi-solid products

  Tablets by direct compression, wet and dry granulation processes

  Hard Capsules filled with powders, tablets, liquids and semisolids

Sterile product

  Solutions and suspensions aseptically manufactured or terminally sterilized

  Freeze-dried vials

Versatility and Flexibility: batch size as low as 50-200 g and as high as 200 L and 50 Kg for sterile and non sterile products, respectively.

Technology assets:


lab-scale lyophilizer




sterile production line for vials


sterile production line for large volume in bags


line for non sterile
Lyo product


lines with
HyNap Technology


solid forms
production suites

Other Services

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